How to Meditate?

That is the first question people asking. Meditation is a way to relax, to refresh your mind and your body. There are many levels of meditation and also each person develops own way. Those who are trying to “guide you through” and then selling CDs where you need to go through guided meditation listening their voice, or those teaching how that has to be done on some courses, they just want your money in exchange for that “knowledge”. You don’t need them nor to throw your money away. Everyone knows how to meditate, it’s simple as breathing. As it develops, as it becomes part of your life, ability to go deeper and further will grow, and you will find own paths and discover new realms through meditation. This is how I started, that is the easiest way from where you can upgrade it yourself, just follow the light. 

Sit down on surface which is not too soft but not uncomfortable either. You don’t need special position, sit the way you are feeling comfortable but keep your spine straight, put your hands on your lap, relax them completely, let them rest. Close your eyes and breathe. Don’t think about breathing, just relax. Try not to think anything, but if thoughts come, don’t be upset, let them fly through, don’t focus on them, just relax and imagine you are sitting in the middle of green field. Spring air breeze touching your cheeks, freshness of flowers coming from all around, nature is awakening. Morning sun falling on your face, caressing it, there’s dew on the grass sparkling all around you. Feel the sun rays on your forehead, between your eyebrows, feel their warmth, their glow, coming inside, focus on that light, let it come closer, stay so as much you are comfortable, feel the light, freshness, let it clean you, refresh you. Then open your eyes slowly and you will realize you feel light as a feather, but also as you came back from some other world.

If you want to meditate, best time is morning while air is still fresh and before sunset. Don’t meditate at night, mind then sets for other rest, it is time for sleep.


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